Contracts - List of Issues for Issue Spotting

  1. Public Policy
    • Freedom of Contract (Hurley)
    • Protect weak from oppressive contracts.
      • Family trust relations (Jackson v. Seymour, Ricketts)
      • Infants (Halbman)
      • Drunk/mentally infirm (Lucy v. Zehmer)
      • Poor/welfare recipients (Star Credit, Williams)
      • Illegal Ks (Holland)
    • Protect against economic waste (efficient breach)
    • Personal autonomy/Intermeddling/relationships in society (Glenn v. Savage, Wisdom)
    • Employment at will (Forrer, Grouse, Klewin?)
    • Courts cannot force parenthood (Kass, AZ)
    • Courts cannot force personal service (Lumley)
    • Cannot deprive people what they have earned (Fortune, Industrial America)
  2. Context shapes meaning (Batsakis (war), Mills (sad dad),  Carmichael (dead husband), Masterson (family agreement))
  3. Limits on Cognition (Canadian Industrial, arbitration)
  4. Consideration
    • Gift promises (Salt, Hamer, Kirksey, Ricketts)
    • Forbearance (Hamer, Langer, Ricketts)
    • Inadequacy of consideration (Jackson v. Seymour - const. fraud, Batsakis)
    • Bargained-for? (Meadors)
    • Past consideration/Moral obligation (Mills v. Wyman, Webb v. McGowin)
  5. Mutuality (Meadors, McMichael, coal case, Lady Duff Gordon)
  6. Good faith
    • Requirements/output Ks (McMichael)
    • Exclusive dealing Ks (Lady Duff Gordon, McMichael, UCC 2-306 "reasonable diligence")
    • Personal satisfaction (Omni)
    • Opportunity to work (Grouse)
    • Dealings during performance (MSA) and post-K (Carmichael)
  7. Contract Modification (Levine *must have additional consideration*, S89  *must be unforeseen*, UCC 2-209 *only good faith required*)
  8. Promissory Estoppel (Ricketts, Forrer, Grouse, Hoffman)
  9. Objective/Subjective Intent (Peerless, Lucy v. Zehmer, Embry)
    • Trade Usage (Frigaliment)
  10. Fraud/Misrepresentation (Norton, Vokes)
  11. Nondisclosure (related to good faith) (Laidlaw, Hill, Richey, Messerly)
  12. Merger clauses (Hill, Richey, Messerly)
  13. Risk Shifting (Hill, Richey, Messerly)
  14. Limited knowledge (coin vignette, Hill, Richey)
  15. Warranties (Beachcomber, Cate)
  16. Mutual Mistake (Beachcomber, Messerly)
  17. Changed Circumstances (Taylor v. Caldwell, Canadian Industrial)
  18. Damages
    • Volume loss (Locks)
    • Liquidated Damages (Wasserman)
    • Consequential (Hadley)
    • Reliance (Security Stove)